[CLITORIDIANUS] {*}   A constellation of the longitudinal wingspan disrupt multiple layers from reddish pain to wild pleasure thus traversing the virginal symbol lies an elf between your lips at the mount of venus once discovering it, all the rivers of feelings overflow explosive sensations raising even more so are the implosive ones. It's a duel of feminine-masculine glans or transverse in this course now a rumble between the walls and cavities are bursting juices the pressure inside is lower than outside orgasm is a gift to whoever pleases us and ride us in tears life is perhaps the vibration between pressure and depression from preamble to palpitation, come, squeeze, moan and milk. *   Pintura al Óleo y Hoja de 'oro' _  Lienzo  90 x 70 cm  Valor de la Obra /  Art Value $12,000  US DOLLARS +  Shipping & Handling . . . Please support to this firm & arts: {*}